Upstream NFT UPDATE #3

Upstream NFT UPDATE #3

Upstream NFT UPDATE #3

We are very pleased to present a new NFT section on our website, dedicated to a curated selection of NFT’s, brought to you in close collaboration with our artists.
Following the highly successful drop of Harm van den Dorpel’s NFT series Mutant Garden Seeder on Folia, of which we had the honor to sell the first 64 pre-minted editions, we took the next step with the wonderful project by Jan Robert Leegte, the NFT collection Ornament. A collection of 256 unique Ethereum NFTs with on-chain SVG's that also sold out within a few hours.
On 15 December, our next NFT collaboration will drop, the collection 81 Horizons by Rafaël Rozendaal. The project is a collaboration with

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Publication date: 2 Dec '21