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Jan Robert Leegte
Launched: 7 Nov

Ornament is a collection of 256 unique Ethereum NFTs with on-chain SVG's by Jan Robert Leegte. Being among the first artists who were involved in the 90s net art movement, Leegte was challenged from the perspective of a sculptor by the new materiality that was provided by the Internet. By the continual and random alternation of black and white lines, his Ornament  series displays an ever changing illusion of three-dimensionality, of light and shadow, and of sculptural materiality.

Each individual ornament exists both on-chain as a fized size SVG and off-chain as a web-based version that can be altered in its dimensions.
What is special about Ornament is that both of these are created deterministically based on the token hash of your NFT, which makes them identical. For the on-chain SVG, we rendered a 800 x 800 px image which looks best in OpenSea, etc. On a dedicated webpage ( you will be able to re-render your Ornament in any dimension you like, to use as desktop image, mobile phone background, a print at home, show on a screen on your wall, whatever you want. The url for your ornament will also be in the metadata or your NFT and can be found on OpenSea. In spite of all the variations you make, it will still remain the same ornament. Different, yet familiar.

Ornament is a project developed by Jan Robert Leegte, smart contract and programming by Jake Allen. More info on:

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