Upstream NFT Update #2

Upstream NFT Update #2

Upstream NFT Update #2

Read Upstream's NFT Update #1 here.

A lot has happened in the digital art world in the past few months, we thought it was time for another NFT update.

Harm van den Dorpel, pioneer in making and selling NFTs (his online platform has been selling NFTs since 2015) had his solo exhibition Mutant Garden at Upstream Gallery in May and June. On the occasion of Amsterdam Art Week we hosted, together with Harm, a crypto lounge in the gallery to make art collectors more familiar with NFTs. This proved to be a huge success.

Upstream Gallery sold its first NFTs during that week. 64 Pre-minted editions of Harm van den Dorpel's unique generative Mutant Garden Seeder NFTs were sold to the audience, mostly art collectors. At the end of July, the rest of the 512 unique tokens were released by Berlin-based NFT platform Folia. They got sold out in just a few hours after the launch and to this day they have skyrocketed in value. Read more about Mutant Garden Seeder here. Every Mutant can be viewed here. Follow Harm and Folia on Twitter for more updates about the mutants.

Also launched on Folia was the first NFT of Upstream artist and internet art pioneer Joan Heemskerk (founding member of the legendary art collective JODI). The generative work Chameleon, consisting of 256 unique editions also sold out in record time.

Rafaël Rozendaal had a major success selling his generative NFT series Endless Nameless through ArtBlocks. He generously gifted part of his sale to Rhizome, a platform for research and conservation of digital art.

There's a lot more NFT news te come from us soon! But in the mean time, read more below.

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Harm van den Dorpel Mutant Garden Seeder in online exhibition JPG


Photo: Harm van den Dorpel's Mutant Garden Seeder on a square screen at Upstream's private viewing space

Publication date: 11 Sep '21