Blood and Guts ...

Laura Parnes

Amsterdam, 26 Nov '05 - 14 Jan '06

Upstream Gallery will show a series of video's titled 'Blood and Guts in High School' by Laura Parnes. A series of video installations that re-imagine punk-feminist icon Kathy Acker's book of the same title. The book was written from 1978-1982 ...

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past exhibition

Blood and Guts in High School

The Last Four ...

Jen Liu

Amsterdam, 15 Oct - 19 Nov '05

Jen Liu (USA, 1976) examines the contemporary cultural and political frontier through its collision with old and new pop models - music, icons, pop history, computer and print graphics. What results are seemingly imaginary worlds, in which ...

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past exhibition

The Last Four Seasons

A Chair Afraid ...

Cristian Andersen

Amsterdam, 3 Sep - 8 Oct '05

Cristian Andersen's work is often situated in the borderland between civilisation and nature, in an urban no man's land and in deserted places at city-fringes. Andersen (1974, Denmark) combines these settings with current as well as historic ...

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past exhibition

A Chair Afraid of the Mouse

Daniela Wolfer ...

Daniela Wolfer, Pepo Salazar

Amsterdam, 4 Jun - 4 Jul '05

Upstream Gallery will present a new exhibition with paintings by Daniela Wolfer and in the basement video by Pepo Salazar. Daniela Wolfer (Germany, 1972) Artist statement: TANZ Music from the speakers is talking to the crowd. Big pimpin, ...

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past exhibition

Daniela Wolfer and Pepo Salazar

Rob Voerman and ...

Rob Voerman, David Haines

Amsterdam, 16 Apr - 16 May '05

Exhibition with objects and linoleumprints by Rob Voerman and in the basement drawings by David Haines. Rob Voerman ARTIST STATEMENT: My graphic art as well as my sculptures are a comment on the over-organised Dutch society in which danger, ...

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past exhibition

Rob Voerman and David Haines

Get the Balance ...

Marc Bijl

Amsterdam, 4 Mar - 9 Apr '05

First solo exhibition by Marc Bijl at Upstream Gallery. The works and interventions of the Dutch artist Marc Bijl (1970) are based upon social issues and their use of symbols and rules. This can result in interventions in the public space, ...

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past exhibition

Get the Balance Right

Lucy Wood and ...

Lucy Wood, Jan Kempenaers

Amsterdam, 22 Jan - 19 Feb '05

Duo exhibition with objects by Lucy Wood and photographs by Jan Kempenaers. Lucy Wood (UK) ARTISTS STATEMENT 2004: Over the last two years I have made a series of human scale traps based on small Victorian animal traps, like 'Gin' and 'Rat' ...

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past exhibition

Lucy Wood and Jan Kempenaers