A Chair Afraid of the Mouse

Cristian Andersen

Amsterdam, 3 Sep - 8 Oct '05

Solo exhibition by Cristian Andersen

Cristian Andersen's work is often situated in the borderland between civilisation and nature, in an urban no man's land and in deserted places at city-fringes.

Andersen (1974, Denmark) combines these settings with current as well as historic symbols. The melancholic, romantic and sometimes also surrealistic compositions find their form in the detailed drawings as well as in the computer-manipulated photographs.

The exhibited sculptures are often everyday objects. Like the handbag piece, as an organic and decomposed form, lined on the inside with mirror, which get's a surrealistic life of it's own, underlined by the object's title «When your inside is out, your outside is in». The titles of Andersen's works are often inspired by songtexts.