A night with Constant Dullaart at Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

A night with Constant Dullaart at Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

A night with Constant Dullaart at Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

An evening with Constant Dullaart at Nieuwe Instituut 21 March 2024.

On the 21st of March, as part of media art platform LI-MA's two-day symposium Transformation Digital Art 2024 that's linked to the public programming around the New Institute and LI-MA's joint exhibition REBOOT, Constant Dullaart will take place in the latest edition of "Een avond met..." (An evening with) at Nieuwe Instituut. 

Dutch conceptual artist Constant Dullaart's work explores how art functions in the digital domain. He takes visitors on an exploration of the ways in which the internet has shaped and influenced our relationships with art and image. Sanneke Huisman and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, curators of the exhibition REBOOT. Pioneering Digital Art, will talk to him about his work and his artistic practice. This evening is organised by the New Institute and platform for media art LI-MA.

Image and art in a digitised world

Few visual artists' oeuvres cover the full scope of a hard-to-define umbrella term like 'digital culture'. Conceptual artist Constant Dullaart comes a long way. His work explores, among other things, the influence of digital technology on image editing and visual culture, the unprecedented power of social media giants in the allocation and redistribution of social and cultural capital, and the ways in which online platforms shape socio-political reality both online and offline.

Dullaart's practice is about the internet, set largely on it, and gradually highlights how the ubiquity of information and communication technologies in cultural and social life is increasingly blurring the distinction between online and offline. In this light, Dullaart also studies the intersection of his own artistry and technology. He plays with rules around authorship and intellectual property and questions with a wink what a notion like originality still means today. Underlying his humorous reflections are essential questions: how do people relate to images under the influence of all these media, platforms and possibilities, and what is the position of an artist in a mainly online landscape?

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Een avond met...Constant Dullaart
Language: English | Location: New Institute | Tickets: €10,-/5,-/0,-


Publication date: 15 Mar '24