Daichi  Takagi

Daichi Takagi

Born in Gifu 1982, lives and works in Kanaga

Wanderer, Daichi Takagi (2024) Wanderer, Daichi Takagi (2024) Wanderer, Daichi Takagi (2024)
<span class='firstName'>Daichi </span> <span class='lastName'>Takagi </span>
Daichi Takagi
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Daichi Takagi (Gifu, 1982) currently lives and works in Kanagawa. Takagi graduated from the Oil Painting Course, Department of Painting at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Here, he also completed the Master’s Degree Program, Graduate School of Art and Design.
With a grant by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs in the framework of the Overseas Study Program for Artists, Takagi based himself in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, between 2018 and 2019.
Before going to the Netherlands, his practice centered on forms and shapes of both painted images and paintings themselves, developing diverse work spanning from abstract attempts that thematize still life and landscape to pieces appropriating shaped canvases and grid structures. While in the Netherlands, he committed to a total reexamination of his painterly practice by then, beginning to engage with painting more from intuition, keeping a distance from theory and methodology. Takagi’s subjects also shifted to things observed in the artist’s immediate environment, such as trees, rain, water surface, windows, and birds. Through a range of brushstrokes and paint layers, his new paintings tactfully translate and appropriate the quality and ambience perceived in the actual space into forms of painterly expression.

His solo exhibitions include “Intuition,” TIME&STYLE Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2019); “aspect,” KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo (2018); “Pattern, Quiet, Repeat, Simple,” switch point, Tokyo (2017); and “Periphery,” Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam (2016). Along with the upcoming 2021 edition of the “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo, his group shows include “pecio,” Bluff No.111, Kanagawa (2017); “Contemporary Art Experimental Exhibition “Perspectives (1),” JP Tower Museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE, Tokyo (2017); “Footprints,” MUSEUM HAUS KASUYA, Kanagawa (2016); “The Way of Painting,” Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (2014); and “fertile land,” Akibatamabi21, Tokyo (2011).




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