Jan Robert Leegte

Born in the Netherlands in 1973, lives and works in Amsterdam

Jan Robert Leegte


Jan Robert Leegte (NL, 1973) is among the first artists who were involved in the 90s NetArt movement. Since 1997, he creates art in the form of websites, which he connects to art historical movements such as minimalism, land art and conceptualism. Leegte also translates the themes of his work to offline media such as print, sculpture and projections. A reoccurring theme in his work is the sculptural materiality of interfaces of computer programs. Like the early graphic design of cursors, selection boxes and menu bars that were to give the user the impression of actually physically pressing the buttons with graphic shadows. Leegte often uses these components and by placing them in a new context, giving them their own, sculptural legitimacy.

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Jan Robert Leegte

- Jan Robert Leegte



Paris, 8 Sep - 8 Oct '17


Basel, 16 Jun - 30 Jun '17

Sculpting the Internet

Amsterdam, 4 Feb - 11 Mar '17


Brussels, 28 May - 31 Jul '16


Amsterdam, 30 Jan - 12 Mar '16

Gym of Obsolete Technology

W139, Amsterdam, 29 Jan - 28 Feb '16

Electronic Superhighway (2016 - 1966)

Whitechapel Gallery, London, 29 Jan - 15 May '16

New World

www.linkartscenter.eu, 7 Jan - 7 Feb '16

Expedition Land Art

KAdE, Amersfoort, 19 Sep '15 - 3 Jan '16

We Make Carpets & Jan Robert Leegte

Enschede, 7 May - 21 Jun '15

Sublime Landscapes in Gaming

Enschede, 24 Jan - 16 Aug '15