Cristian Andersen

Born in Denmark in 1974, lives and works in Zurich (CH)


Cristian Andersen (1974, Denmark) lives in Zurich. Andersen works with contemporary techniques such as spray paint and digital photomontage and he uses symbols and sign language from the field of art and pop culture. Since 2004 he regularly exhibited at Upstream Gallery. His work is shown at many international art spaces such as Public Art Fund, New York, Avlskarl gallery, Copenhagen, World Expo 2012, Shanghai and Artforum Berlin. He also got awarded with several prizes and Swiss and Danish stipends.


Andersen, Cristian. Dokumentation. 2002-2007.

Andersen, Cristian. Selected Works. 2007-2009.

Andersen, Cristian. Explosions/ with-without my friends. Karlsruhe: Engelhardt & Bauer, 2001. ISBN: 3-931126-56-0


Winners & Losers

Amsterdam, 27 Oct - 21 Dec '07

Dropping ashes from my Fingers

Amsterdam, 11 Mar - 29 Apr '11

A Decade Upstream

Amsterdam, 30 Nov - 19 Dec '13

Only Drawings

Amsterdam, 28 Nov '04 - 15 Jan '05

A Chair Afraid of the Mouse

Amsterdam, 3 Sep - 8 Oct '05

Cristian Andersen & Annabel Elgar

Amsterdam, 14 Feb - 14 Mar '04