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81 Horizons

Rafaël Rozendaal
Launched: 15 Dec
81 Horizons

81 Horizons is a collection of 81 on-chain landscapes by Rafaël Rozendaal. Each work consists of a unique combination of two colored rectangles. The abstraction of the images leaves the viewer with the suggestion, or even creation, of movement, as though the places represented are waiting on something to happen in them. The viewer is left captivated with anticipation, much like before the start of a videogame, or as the artist puts it – ‘the suggestion of movement is actually more interesting than animating it, the works are like an empty room full of possibilities.'

81 Horizons is a project from Rafaël Rozendaal in collaboration with and Upstream Gallery, smart contract by Alberto Granzotto.

Horizons are available for primary sale through Upstream Gallery, send an e-mail for an update on available tokens, or see OpenSea for secondary market here.

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