Dennis Rudolph in group exhibition at Lentos

Dennis Rudolph in group exhibition at Lentos

Dennis Rudolph in group exhibition at Lentos

Transformation and Recurrence
Reflections on Radical Nationalisms in Contemporary Art

24 March to 6 June 2021
Linz, Austria

In parallel with the continuity of extremist rightwing political ideas there is an afterlife of the repeated representation of fascism in art and literature and an appropriation of its aesthetic set pieces in popular culture and (transgressive) subculture. This exhibition pulls together a great number of works and strategies that address this phenomenon, ranging from appropriation and mimetic subversion to the analytic contemplation, re-staging and deconstruction of fascistoid mechanisms.

The re-enactment of traumatic and/or threatening constellations in a fictitious form may function as an attempt to gain control of them by redefining their frame of reference. This appropriation creates a space for the negotiation of topics whose ambivalence oscillates between fascination and revulsion. Last of all, the exhibition is designed to cast light on the question of what artistic strategies are capable to visualize current totalitarian, extreme right-wing developements.

Curators: Markus Proschek, Hemma Schmutz

Artists: Monica Bonvicini, Keren Cytter, Martin Dammann, Ines Doujak, Riccardo Giacconi, Erez Israeli, Franz Kapfer, Laibach, Annika Larsson, Henrike Naumann, Markus Proschek, Roee Rosen, Dennis Rudolph, Christina Werne


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Publication date: 24 Mar '21