Constant Dullaart in Come closer! group exhibition at Office Impart

Constant Dullaart in Come closer! group exhibition at Office Impart

Constant Dullaart in Come closer! group exhibition at Office Impart

Come closer!

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There are different approaches to proximity. While physical closeness can be measured simply physically with a spatio-temporal perspective, emotional closeness to a counterpart is always experienced in a purely subjective way between people. And even the closeness to oneself can be felt in so many different kinds of ways and is such a complex subject that it could fill bookshelves only with guidebooks on this subject. Sometimes it takes a certain distance to get closer to oneself or to a topic. As a consequence, the feeling of closeness always has to do with space and room, with distance and detachment from oneself and others or even with social affiliation and social acceptance.

Today‘s technologies have significantly changed our relationship to space and time and therefore also our perception of closeness has taken on new dimensions. Despite great physical distance, we communicate in real time. We are always available, act in a simultaneity of information, are part of diverse networks. On many levels the feeling of distance becomes marginal. But what does this mean for our feeling of closeness? Do these developments really bring us a little closer or do the new possibilities only seem to bring us nearer? How do I feel closeness to others through the digital tools? Can networks create proximity? Can digitally generated facial expressions, which are based on human mimics and gestures, create emotions?

The artists of the exhibition „Come Closer Pt.1“ refer in different ways to the topic of closeness and in their works they deal with questions of empathy, emotions, self-reflection or self-optimization. On display are works by Aarati Akkapeddi, Raphaël Bastide, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Stine Deja, Constant Dullaart, Anna Ehrenstein, Will Fredo, Jonas Lund, Tristan Schulze and Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu.


The online exhibition „Come Closer Pt.1“ with exclusively digital works will be followed by a second part with an exhibition in a physical space. 


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Publication date: 31 Oct '20