Dennis Rudolph in duo show HANZ.Studio, Berlin

Dennis Rudolph in duo show HANZ.Studio, Berlin

Dennis Rudolph in duo show HANZ.Studio, Berlin

Dennis Rudolph is in a duo show at in Berlin, curated by Noelia Gaite.

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The format is simple: 2 rooms – 2 artists. Each room will be dedicated to one artist.
With references to the binary code and the number two, the series’ name »0010« alludes to its main emphasis, which is the unbiased observation of the digitization in the arts. Each combination or duo of artistic positions presented by »0010« is curated to evoke a dialogue of dynamic character, free to be of either harmonic or rather contrary nature; to open up a discourse about the dichotomies of the digital and the analog, the online and the offline, the technological and the organic as well as to analyze the transcendent value of art and its new aesthetic and topical tendencies.


THOMIAS RADIN (@thomyyas)
There is a subtle but present influence of the digital to the form language of Thomias Radin’s works. Embedded in the surreal and multidimensional aesthetics of his paintings, digital processes manifest especially in combination with the artist’s short films and filmed performances through »sampling techniques« (Beya Othmani) as known from digital music production. Numerous layers intersecting as if edited with Photoshop, the inherent filmic stretching or compressing of images including its natural technical glitches and sometimes even the insertion of post-internet symbols like emoticons –– to name only a few –– are formal approaches employed in Radin’s paintings to poetically convey questions and experiences of identity; of the self, of consciousness, of the mind and the body in the context of wide societal, political and historical issues and of the different epistemological ways that derive from it. The artist studied Fine Arts in Rennes and now lives and works in Berlin.

DENNIS RUDOLPH (@denaizer)
The UdK graduate Dennis Rudolph lives and works in Berlin. His works –– partly analog and partly virtual –– contemporarily align into the traditional debate about the ‚paragone’ (Italian: comparison) of the art forms and simultaneously take the discussion to a new level. By combining both, painting and sculpting, through his multi-reality artworks, he abolishes this old rivalry to slightly relocate the strife to the dimension of debating forms of reality, whose relationship he examines and challenges. Rudolph’s rather traditional oil paintings are brought to life with corresponding virtual 3D paintings of sculptural nature which interact with the exhibition space in a Baroque illusionist manner through Augmented Reality. Or is the opposite the case and the physically not tangible painting is only manifested by the work hanging on the wall? The artist’s works function in both directions and thus create a continuous interplay between the parallel worlds of the physical and the virtual, the analog, and the digital.

Strausberger Platz 19, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Curated by NOELIA GAITE.
Drinks sponsored by WINDSPIEL.
Through AUGUST 6, 2020.
Visits by appointment only.

Publication date: 15 Jul '20