Marc Bijl in city festival PLAY, Kortrijk, Belgium

Marc Bijl in city festival PLAY, Kortrijk, Belgium

Marc Bijl in city festival PLAY, Kortrijk, Belgium

Marc Bijl's work La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi (2002) can be seen in the city festival PLAY in Kortrijk, Belgium.


PLAY is a headstrong city festival organised from 23 June till 11 November 2018 that will take over the centre of Kortrijk with contemporary artworks. You can immerse yourself in the unique world of national and international visual art at diverse indoor and outdoor locations in the city.

La rivoluzione siamo noi (2002) shows Bijl’s fascination with popular culture. The work is a life-sized sculpture that represents the sex symbol Lara Croft. In Bijl’s version, the fictional figure is completely covered in black tar. She holds a lit cigarette in her mouth and an iconic pistol in either hand. She loses her sex appeal as the black viscous liquid dripping down her body turns her into a mutant. La rivoluzione siamo noi (‘We are the revolution’) is sprayed on the wall behind her. It is a reference to the famous slogan used by Joseph Beuys, who sought to activate social change through art. Bijl represents the heroine of the computer game Tomb Raider as a malevolent menace. This fascinating sculpture is marked by a dark sense of humour and uncertainty. By representing the heroine in this manner, Bijl reveals the fallacious illusion of icons and symbols with the same pessimism that represents the flaws of utopias.

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Marc Bijl - La Rivulizione Siamo Noi

23 June - 11 November, tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Academie Kortrijk, Houtmarkt indoor


Marc Bijl, La Rivulizione Siamo Noi, 2002, Polyester Lara Croft, tar, cigarette.


Publication date: 21 Jun '18