AAW: Collectors View with Noor Nuyten

AAW: Collectors View with Noor Nuyten

AAW: Collectors View with Noor Nuyten

Collectors View is a pop-up exhibition organized by six private contemporary art collections from the Netherlands, taking place during the Amsterdam Art Weekend 2016. In the city center of Amsterdam - at Capital C, the former Diamantbeurs which is currently under construction - a special selection of works will be on public view. 

The exhibition showcases a selection of about 50 works from 35 artists, including Noor Nuyten, representing six private art collectionsthat have, over the years, supported contemporary artists and new artistic positions.

COLLECTORS VIEW is an initiative of:
> Plancius Art Collection
> the finest Amsterdam Contemporary Art Collection ever
> Art Collection Versteeg-Schotte
> Sgabello Collection
> Collection #04|07M59
> Capital C Art Collection

COLLECTORS VIEW is a first public disclosure of the participating art collections, which are strongly connected to the Dutch contemporary art scene.
COLLECTORS VIEW is curated by Fons Welters (galerie Fons Welters) and Laurie Cluitmans (independent curator).
COLLECTORS VIEW is a pop-up exhibition at Capital C Amsterdam, the former 'Diamantbeurs' in the city center of Amsterdam, that is currently under construction.

COLLECTORS VIEW will be open to the public free of charge, exclusively during the Amsterdam Art Weekend 2016.

Opening hours:
preview: Saturday 19 / Sunday 20 Nov. 11.00-19.00h
Thursday 24 / 12.00-18.00h
Friday 25 / Saturday 26 / Sunday 27 Nov. 11.00-19.00h

Free entrance

Publication date: 23 Nov '16