Ronald Ophuis part of group show Other Side Of Hope in Paris

Ronald Ophuis part of group show Other Side Of Hope in Paris

Ronald Ophuis part of group show Other Side Of Hope in Paris

Ronald Ophuis is part of the group show "Other Side of Hope/ 9 days" curated by Wumen Ghua. His work Miscarriage (1998-2013) is on display. 


"Other Side of Hope/9 days" is not just an exhibition; it's a journey through the depths of human emotion, from the unconscious to the conscious, from sorrow to hope. Dr. Wumen Ghua's curatorial concept revolves around the Möbius ring, symbolizing the cyclical nature of hope and existence. The exhibition invites visitors to embark on a helix sequence journey, exploring themes of loss, loneliness, and ultimately, the resilience of the human spirit.

Inspired by the experimental musical group Mola Oddity's newest album, "The Other Side of Hope," each day of the exhibition corresponds to a track from the album, weaving together music and visual art in a harmonious symphony of expression. Birdy K., the founder of Mola Oddity, lends her lyrical prowess to the exhibition, infusing it with her words, voice, and heart.

Featuring artists from diverse backgrounds, "Other Side of Hope/9 days" transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, offering a doorway to the other side where hope resides. From Joar Nango to Zhang Peili, each artist contributes a unique perspective, creating a convergence of consciousness that is both powerful and profound.

Dr. Wumen Ghua, Mongolian painter and curator based in Amsterdam, her curatorial interests revolve around human kindness and vulnerability in our time, reflecting on the exhibition, stating, "This exhibition is an attempt to seek hope across multiple universes and their personal significances. Searching for hope is needed in a world that may be broken but precious." Birdy K. adds, "Other side of Hope - In the moments when everything may shatter, we exist... Nine days return is a powerful call, more time than it took to create heaven and earth! If existence comes through trials, then before we disappear, all that we have experienced will be bearable. This will be a convergence of consciousness! Transcending time and space, drawing closer to each other like all the brushes and collisions, creating a gaze."


Other Side of Hope/9 days | 20 - 29 June, 2024
236 Rue Saint Martin, 75003 Paris

Publication date: 6 Jun '24