Kévin Bray's video Morpher at LAB111 during The Couch

Kévin Bray's video Morpher at LAB111 during The Couch

Kévin Bray's video Morpher at LAB111 during The Couch

Thursday 30 May, Kévin Bray's video Morpher (2018-ongoing) will be on view at LAB111 as part of the series ‘Director’s Commentary’ by The Couch, Het Hem's editorial and artistic platform. This is the first time the event The Couch will take place offline.

In the Director’s Commentary, artists provide a new layer to a video artwork. Inspired by the special features options on DVDs, the curators asked artists to record an audio essay, letter, story, or reflection on their own work. They give background information or add new thoughts and ideas. It takes away curatorsplaining and leave art lovers with a new way to contextualise a visual work by listening to the artist’s voice explaining the piece in their own creative way.

The event consists of three live film screenings and Q&A sessions with the artists Lorena Solís Bravo, Kévin Bray and, Clementine Edwards.

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Director’s Commentary by The Couch | LAB111, LAB2
30 May, 2024

A large part of Bray’s practice revolves around the creation of paintings and the continual evolution of his video Morpher (2018 – ongoing). Navigating through bright shape shifting landscapes, this video work acts as the spineand living archive of Bray’s artistic practice. Like a living organism, Morpher it is continuously evolving, and the many characters seen across his paintings become props in an extending reality where they can be activated differently. Interacting with the backdrop and stage, his otherworldly images are always at the edge of transparency and concealment. He is renowned for showing the viewer precisely how the work is constructed, and what is essential to him is the story to tell as much as the way to tell it. By doing so, he invites us to reflect on the transformation of production processes and the alteration of their narratives, revealing their ability to force us to question our relation to materiality and reality (tekst by Alexandra Martens Serrano).


Images | Stills from: Morpher, Kévin Bray (2018 - ongoing)

Publication date: 23 May '24