Jen Liu solo show at /Slash, San Fransisco

Jen Liu solo show at /Slash, San Fransisco

Jen Liu solo show at /Slash, San Fransisco

Jen Liu's solo exhibition "Jen Liu: "GHOST__WORLD”, curated by Tanya Zimbardo, is now open at /(Slash) Art.

“GHOST__WORLD” originates from Jen Liu’s long-term engagement with labor activism and women workers in electronics and e-waste in South China—in which realities such as NGO liquidation and disappeared labor activists converge in research-based fictions. In particular, this project takes up last year’s social media phenomenon of “frog mothers,” unlicensed street vendors in China wearing inflatable frog costumes and selling frog-shaped balloons.

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Premiering a new body of work across AR, videos, paintings, and sculptures alongside select pieces from Liu’s multifaceted “Pink Slime Caesar Shift” (2016–present), the exhibition coincides with “GHOST__WORLD: a performance for 4 dancers,” organized by Slash and co-presented with The Lab in San Francisco (April 27 and 28). It is to premiere in the Bay Area.

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→ 13 April - 24 August, 2024
/ (Slash) Art 

Performance "GHOST_WORLD: a performance for 4 dancers" | Jen Liu
The Lab, San Fransisco
→ 27 + 28 April, 2024
27 April | 19.00 - 21.00
28 April | 17.00 - 19.00 hrs

Publication date: 18 Apr '24