La Casa Lobo screening at Lab111

La Casa Lobo screening at Lab111

La Casa Lobo screening at Lab111

Save the date! Friday 29 March and Saturday 6 April, award winning film "La Casa Lobo" (The Wolf House) by León & Cociña will be screened at Lab111!

Surreal, unsettling, and finally haunting, La Casa Lobo is a stunning outpouring of creativity whose striking visuals queasily complement its disturbing story. After escaping from a religious colony in Chile, Maria seeks shelter in a mansion where she’s taken in by two pigs, its only inhabitants. Like in a stop-motion dream, the universe of the house reacts to her feelings. The animals slowly morph into humans and the house into a dark, menacing world.

The film was shot in several studios and exhibitions at museums of different cities from Latin America and Europe including Upstream Gallery, the Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany and the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile.

The world premiere of the film was at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival in the Forum section in 2018.

Images: stills from the film La Casa Lobo, León & Cociña, (2018)


Screenings La Casa Lobo at Lab111:
Friday 29 March | 19:00 | LAB 1 | Tickets here

Saturday 6 April | 19:15 | LAB 1 | Tickets here


Publication date: 15 Mar '24