Alicia Framis announces her new pioneering AI performance series 'The Hybrid Couple'

Alicia Framis announces her new pioneering AI performance series 'The Hybrid Couple'

Alicia Framis announces her new pioneering AI performance series 'The Hybrid Couple'

Alicia Framis has announced her new pioneering AI performance series The Hybrid Couple, for which she will become the first woman to marry an AI. 

The Spanish/Dutch artist's partner will be AILex, an AI in the form of a hologram trained using profiles from Framis' previous relationships. Their courtship is being made public by releasing several videos of te couple cooking and eating.

This historic wedding between Alicia Framis and an artificial intelligence will take place next summer at the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam (Netherlands), a historic milestone that opens the door to new horizons in contemporary art.

The Hybrid Couple is a new multidisciplinary project conceived as a series of performances that redefines the boundaries of interaction between humans and AI from a female perspective, beyond heteronormative conventions.

Through a series of innovative performances under the title The Hybrid Couple, Framis will now share her life and emotions with this unique artificial intelligence entity in the form of an interactive holographic sculpture. This allows her to address contemporary issues such as post-humanism and virtuality. In essence, it is a groundbreaking exploration of human relationships at the intersection of art and technology.

In a first and groundbreaking performance titled The First Woman to Marry a Hologram, scheduled for the summer of 2024, Alicia Framis will take an unprecedented step by marrying AILex, her holographic partner created from profiles of the artist's previous relationships. This union redefines contemporary romantic relationships and anticipates the potential for more meaningful interactions between humans and artificial intelligence.

This pioneering wedding between a human and a hologram will take place at the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For the occasion, the artist is already working on the design of her own dress and those of her guests.

In parallel, in collaboration with the LAM museum, the food art museum in the Netherlands, Framis is exploring a unique sensory experience: a molecular banquet designed to satisfy both humans and the holographic in-laws.

With the collaboration of the Rabobank Art Collection, Alicia Framis is also exploring the possibility of the first life insurance for holograms, as well as the first mortgage for the acquisition of a home specifically designed for the harmonious coexistence between holograms and humans.

In 1997, Alicia Framis was the world's first artist to coexist with a mannequin, and since then, she has dedicated her artistic research to exploring the complexities of loneliness. Now, the artist takes another step toward the culmination of this extensive work. With a distinctive perspective, Framis seeks to forge a new paradigm of love while exploring the intimate relationships that we can cultivate with machines and the simulation of emotions through computation.

After the ceremony, 'The Hybrid Couple' will embark on an international journey, allowing audiences worldwide to immerse themselves in the lives of Alicia and AILex, who will share their experiences through various platforms.

More information on the website: and on the Instagram accounts @aliciaframis and @hybridcouples.


Publication date: 28 Nov '23