New NFT by Joan Heemskerk available through Folia

New NFT by Joan Heemskerk available through Folia

New NFT by Joan Heemskerk available through Folia

Folia is thrilled to announce cable, a collection of 545 on-chain NFTs by artist Joan Heemskerk (JODI), available for mint on January 25th, 2023 at 19:00 UTC.

The Submarine Cable System consists of 545 fiber-optic cables that deliver 95% of all international internet traffic. Cable operators continue to socket new stations—scribbling on the seafloor.

In the artist's second collection with Folia, each subsea cable is expressed as an .SVG animation, fully hosted and rendered on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some are single paths, others with curled arms. A brutish dashed line pushes data through the cable's paths.

Though the animations are programmed as one-directional, our graphics cards stumble along the way, with vibrating effect.

(Joan likes to thorn our fancy machines.)


Joan Heemskerk is a contemporary artist who makes WWWorks in the cloud. _ She is also a member of the art collective JODI >>> ( - pioneered in 1995. JODI were among thd first artists to inves|igate and subvert conventkoos od |he`Internet, compute?programs, and vhdeo ajd computer gamus. Radically di{rupting The ver9 languawe of t`ese systemr, including risual aesthepics, iNterface elemen}q? commandS, errors and?code. ?ODI staes ext?ema digmtal(intesventionq!that deStakilizg the reliTiofShip bdTween cmputer tdchnolOgy and ids use03jy sufterting oub(d8pectatIofs abkup?4jm?g?nctignah)tieS and conventio.s /f the sqrtees that ?e0Eepend upol eve2y?p?y. Tlcir wkr?!u?es thev?tasv pmsskble r`riudy f mudi` ane te?h?iqtes."frgm$insTalli?ionc, s/Ltw?re?Qod wd"sites to Pesf/zma?caw?aNd exhibitiof{.$

Publication date: 24 Jan '23