Last stop for León & Cociña's La Casa Lobo at M100, Chile

Final scenes will be shot at Matucana100 in Santiago de Chile

Last stop for León & Cociña's La Casa Lobo at M100, Chile

León & Cociña will set up their studio at M100 in Santiago de Chile for the final scenes of their feature film La Casa Lobo! The exhibition, that will open on June 20th and run until September 3rd, is curated by Montserrat Rojas Corradi and supported by Fundación AMA. 

The duo has been working on the production of the artists’ first stop-motion feature film La Casa Lobo (‘The Wolf House’) since 2013. The film tells the story of Maria, a young refugee stationed in southern Chile after escaping from a sect. The film is inspired by Colonia Dignidad, a secretive and controversial sect in southern Chile established in the sixties by German immigrants. León & Cociña tell the story as if they were part of the sect. They pretend to be Colonia Dignidad’s animation film company and make the film as an indoctrinating fairy tale.

For the incredibly time-consuming production process of the film, the duo has initiated a nomadic studio project setting up temporary workshops in museums and other art institutions. Starting at Upstream Gallery in 2013 during their exhibition Flowers, the studio has traveled to Casa Maauad in Mexico City, Modern Art Museum Buenos Aires, Contemporary Art Museum of Chile and the Media Arts Biennale in Santiago de Chile among other locations. Each time, La Casa Lobo is presented as a work in progress. And by making the set part of the exhibition, the working process itself is turned into an artwork.


Published: 17/6/2017