Frank Ammerlaan: Moonless @ Bosse & Baum

Moonless by Frank Ammerlaan is the first site-specific project in the gallery Bosse & Baum.

Frank Ammerlaan: Moonless @ Bosse & Baum

Opening 8 april at Bosse & Baum: Moonless. A site-specific installation by Frank Ammerlaan

The work is characterised by a rich, multi-layered visual style that is as poetic as it is political, and which frequently fuses contemporary issues with history, religion and philosophy. Through his floor-based installation and wall-based steel collages, Ammerlaan investigates temporality and perception, and continues his longstanding interest in materials and processes. Addressing the spaces between the visible, the tactile and the immaterial, his sculptures vibrate with fascinating chromatic encounters. Pulsating with natural light, the pieces hover at the edges of the human psyche, as the artist explores the infinite manifestations of geometry and light.

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Published: 9/4/2016