Upcoming: Marinus Boezem

Marinus Boezem

Amsterdam, 13 Jan - 10 Feb '18

Upcoming: Marinus Boezem

Upstream Gallery proudly presents a new exhibition by the renowned Dutch artist Marinus Boezem, marking his third solo presentation at the gallery. 

Marinus Boezem (1934) belongs, together with Jan Dibbets and Ger van Elk, among the most important representatives of the Conceptual Art and Arte Povera movement in the Netherlands. In the 1960s, Boezem discovered the use of elusive elements such as air, weather and wind for his art and made a name with radical, immaterial works that were far ahead of their time. In an oeuvre spanning more than sixty years, Boezem has created a body of work that stands quite independently in contemporary art, not confining himself to a single style, handwriting or kind of material. As to mentality, however, his work is unmistakably rooted in the sixties: rebellious in the face of authoritarian values, anarchistic in idiom and idiosyncratic in style.

Image: Marinus Boezem, Space Sculpture, 1977-'91. Mirrors, manilla rope, metal hooks. 225 x 350 x 400 cm.