Nature, Nature, I'm Your Bride, Take Me As I Am

Katrina Daschner

Amsterdam, 21 Oct - 25 Nov '06

The title of Katrina Daschner's show at Upstream Gallery, a quotation from Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando, refers to the protagonist of the same name who attempts to find an identity over the course of several centuries.
This theme runs through Daschner's complete installative collage.

"Radical Handcraft" from various countries and times, drawings, private found footage, as well as personal photographs and video material interweave images of women in different roles with their specific queer desires. The installative gender network is extended by a video of Daschner's Lolita interpretation, part of the walkable movie Dolores made in Mexico. The difference in her interpretation of the novel Lolita by Nabokov is mainly due to the change of perspective. The whole story is told by Dolores (Edwarda Gurrola) and not by Humbert Humbert as in the original. In the introduction the young girl immediately points out "First of all I am a dyke... and my favourite hobby at the moment is masturbating." Her self-determination is part of the whole filmic narration, and is also quite obvious in the video Road shown here, the well-known travel or escape scene in a car with Humbert Humbert - who is played by a woman (Elisabeth Romero) in this scenario.

In the exhibition Katrina Daschner, an artist in the queer feminist context, explores and acts out the relationship between nature and gender in her own and projected experiences.