Folkert de Jong and Jen Liu

Folkert de Jong, Jen Liu

Amsterdam, 1 May '04 - 6 Jun '06

Folkert de Jong (the Netherlands, 1972) translates his fascination for the darker elements of human consciousness, obsessions, suspense and obscurism, into unexpected sculptures made of styrofoam insulation panels and polyurethane foam.
These materials are usually invisible within walls, and strictly speaking exist neither indoors nor outdoors, they methaphoricly portray the fragile barrier that seperates security from chaos. De Jong's ominous installations purports to be that membrane.

Jen Liu (USA, 1976) examines the contemporary cultural and political frontier through its collision with old and new pop models - music, icons, pop history, computer and print graphics. What results are seemingly imaginary worlds, in which meaning is intensified through allegory, hidden motivations revealed through mass media aesthetics.