Yu Honglei

Born in China in 1984, lives and works in Beijing


Yu Honglei belongs to a generation of young Chinese artists who effortlessly combine digital and sculptural techniques. In China, his work is now wi- dely picked up by critics and museums. Yu is fascinated by the way in which the daily life of artists is influencing their work. The digital animation video The farm is based on the eponymous pain- ting by Joan Miró from 1922, on which his house in the Spanish countryside is depicted. In its digital version, Yu zooms in on various details, and so creates a narrative reconstruction of the daily life of the painter. Narrating is Miró’s wife; her story includes anecdotal references to Miró’s connection with avant-garde artists such as Man Ray, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso. The space that Yu cre- ates, asks for reflection on how Western art history is spreading globally through the internet.



Amsterdam, 30 Jan - 12 Mar '16