Austin Lee

Born in 1983 in the United States, lives and works in New York

Austin Lee


The working method of Austin Lee (US, 1983) is exemplary for the generation of digital natives to which he belongs. The digital reality is completely natural to him, which is reflected in his use of 3D printing techniques, GIFs and his recent- ly published SPHERES publication that merges print with augmented reality in a spectacular way. In his paintings, Lee ingeniously trans- lates pixels to paint. The works start as a sketch on an iPad. Many artists see especially the limitations of drawing software versus a sketchpad, but Lee embraces the typical aesthetic that arises from it. The translation from the screen to the canvas gives the work a less volatile character, but the use of aerosols and fluorescent paint recalls the digital origin. Lee’s distinctive painting style is spontaneous and accurate, with a playful frankness that reminds of the Cobra movement. The boundless energy evokes the best of the New York graffiti culture from the 80s on. But most of all the work is unmistakably contemporary.

Austin Lee

- Austin Lee



Amsterdam, 30 Jan - 12 Mar '16