Jet Smits

Born in Wanroij in 1988, lives and works in The Netherlands


Jet Smits (1988, NL) is interested in the exact moment when the digital and the analogue switch into each other: "I explore digital technologies empirically and analogue. I investigate the transition point where data becomes sensorial, trying to capture that exact moment of change.” Smits did research on liquid crystals, a material with exceptional physical properties, mainly known for its use in LCD screens. During a residency at the Technical University of Delft, Smits got the chance to extensively study this material, that can convert digital data into physical images. The combination of scientific and aesthetic research resulted in Liquid Lattice: a video capturing the fleeting, dazzling beauty of the crystals, normally only visible trough a microscope. Thus Smits offers an artistic perspective on everyday technology, making it accessible to a new audience.


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Shifting Optics

Amsterdam, 6 Sep - 11 Oct '14