Born in 1943, lives and works in Amsterdam


The renowned Dutch-German photographer and artist Ulay (1943), was one of the leading representatives of body art and performance in the 70’s. Before that time he was already drawn to photography. He enjoyed international fame through his remarkable performances, which he first performed alone and later in collaboration with Marina Abramovic. While Marina was believing more strongly in the ethical and social role of her art, Ulay saw his art as a political act. The political engagement is still present in his work today. In recent years, he has been exploring water springs, rivers, and the accessibility of water. Ulay tries to make water more appreciated and accessible to all, which is one of the key aims of his multidimensional art work. In 2002 Ulay started his water projects and initiated Earth Water Catalogue, an online database, were artists can share there artworks. The aim of this artistic initiative is to raise awareness, enhance understanding and appreciation of, and respect for water.


Second Modernity

Amsterdam, 2 Jun - 14 Jul '12