Izaak Zwartjes

Born in 1974, lives and works in Leiden (NL)

Izaak Zwartjes


Izaak Zwartjes graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2008. In 2009 he filled the 500 m2 ground floor of the Cobra Museum for his solo show ‘Exodus’ with a monumental installation. In 2010 and 2012 he had solo shows at Upstream Gallery. He recently built a big nest at a height of 18 meters against the wall of an old factory in Leiden, in which he lived for 3 days. He also undertook several travels on a large, post apocalyptic looking self-built chariot, which he documented on video. In 2013, art space NEST in The Hague presented his solo show he had a solo show ‘SA-1 System Generator Pump’.

For Zwartjes being an artist means to establish contact with a spiritual world. There is no division between the work, the artist and reality: it is one big twilight zone. The mixture of modernity, mythology and religion in Izaak Zwartjes’ work evokes a wide range of associations. With his unworldly and primitive attitude Zwartjes holds a mirror up to our modern society.

Izaak Zwartjes

- Izaak Zwartjes


Amsterdam Trail 2017

Amsterdam, 5 May - 7 May '17

Museum De Lakenhal op locatie: Natuurlijk

Leiden, 2 Feb - 30 Apr '17

What is Waste?

Amsterdam, 8 Jan - 6 Feb '16

Beelden in Leiden 2014: Sterk Werk

Leiden, 22 May - 3 Aug '14

SA.1 Generator System Pump

The Hague, 8 Dec '13 - 9 Feb '14

A Decade Upstream

Amsterdam, 30 Nov - 19 Dec '13

Crossing the Threshold

Amsterdam, 29 Jan - 2 Mar '13

Schiksal der Gegenwart

Berlin, 22 Jun - 27 Jul '13

Rudiments of Territory

Amsterdam, 13 Mar - 1 May '10


Amstelveen, 6 Jun - 13 Sep '09

Apocalyptic Landscapes

Amsterdam, 18 Oct - 15 Nov '08