Noor Nuyten

Born in 1986, lives and works in Brussels and Amsterdam

Noor Nuyten


Noor Nuyten lives in Brussels and Amsterdam. She studied at the HISK in Gent (BE) and at the Academie Minerva (Groningen). She makes conceptual works, often about systems such as time, which rely on the imagination of the viewer. In 2013 she had her first solo exhibition at Upstream Gallery and her works are regularly included in exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. In the summer of 2013 she did a residency in GlogauAIR, Berlin.

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Noor Nuyten

- Noor Nuyten


Bianca Pedrina & Noor Nuyten

Amsterdam, 28 Aug - 21 Sep '15


Huise, Lede, Mullem and Wannegem, 1 May - 5 Jul '15


Wolfsburg, 21 Oct '14 - 15 Jan '15

Shifting Optics

Amsterdam, 6 Sep - 11 Oct '14

A Decade Upstream

Amsterdam, 30 Nov - 19 Dec '13

The palm at the end of the mind

Amsterdam, 16 Mar - 20 Apr '13

Mapping the Horizon

Amsterdam, 19 Nov '11 - 7 Jan '12


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