Dennis Rudolph

Born in 1979, lives and works in Berlin and LA

Dennis Rudolph


Dennis Rudolph is a German artist who creates landscapes, portraits and allegorical scenes in oil paint and graphics. Rudolph makes classical historical genres available for a contemporary artistic approach. Rudolph studied at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, the Repin-Academy in St. Petersburg and the Language and Culture Institute in Beijing. He has regular solo and group exhibitions in galleries all over the world, for example in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Berlin and of course at Upstream Gallery in Amsterdam.

Rudolph is currently working on a project in California City, a large failed urban development from the 1950’s in the Mojavi Desert, 150 miles north of Los Angeles. He also runs the exhibition space State of the Art in Berlin. 

Artist website: California City
State of the art Berlin

Dennis Rudolph

- Dennis Rudolph



Amsterdam, 3 Oct - 14 Nov '15

The Portal TV

Arnsberg, 8 May - 28 Jun '15

California Dreaming

Berlin, 8 Nov - 31 Dec '14

Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

Moscow, 26 Jun - 10 Aug '14

Genese de l'Enfer

Paris, 26 Apr - 7 Jun '14

A Decade Upstream

Amsterdam, 30 Nov - 19 Dec '13

Paradise Lost

Los Angeles, 17 Sep - 17 Dec '13

Paradise Lost

Berlin, 19 Jan - 9 Mar '13

'Wege in den Nihilismus' and 'Be Not Content'

Amsterdam, 24 Mar - 26 May '12

NEMESIS, Das Grosse Glück + Die Freuden Der Französischen Revolution

Amsterdam, 9 Jan - 27 Feb '10

Apocalyptic Landscapes

Amsterdam, 18 Oct - 15 Nov '08

The Holy War, Chapter I

New York, 12 Apr - 17 May '08

The Curse of the EMPIRE (Rise & Fall)

Amsterdam, 2 Sep - 14 Oct '06